With the information security boom, customers are faced with a huge number of information security challenges. We offer our  customers a single central point to bring all these vendors in  focused solutions. We help organization in implementing and adopting Security  Solutions in these domains

Security  Intelligence:

Comprehend and secure your IT infrastructure, network (configuration and  topology), network traffic and communication system.

Infrastructure Security:

helping organizations in; Compliance & Patch Management, Mobile Device Management, Data Loss Prevention.

Data  Security: 

Deploy centralized controls for real-time data security and monitoring, fine-grained  data auditing, automated compliance reporting, data-level access control, database  vulnerability management, auto-discovery of sensitive data and static and dynamic  masking on demand.

Identity Access Management (IAM): 

management of user identities, their authentication,  authorization, and privileges within or across system and  enterprise boundaries.


Dedicated team of experienced  Information Technology professionals provide  our services to an extensive portfolio of corporate, public sector and education clients  throughout East Africa. We have a recognized  ability to deliver services and solutions, tailored to fit the unique needs of each organization according to its size and area of  activity.