OIL & GAS Industry :

CES provides installation services for instrumentation in oil and gas industry mainly dealing with; Temprature Indicators: – Temparature Gauge ,Temprature Transmitter. Pressure Management; – Pressure Gauge, Pressure Transmitter, Pressure Switch. Level Sensors; – Radar Level Transmitter, Level Switch,Float Tape Level Meter,Flange Mounted Liquid Meter,Trasmitter
Temparature Gauge ,Temparature Transmitter.
fire alarm

                                       Fire Alarm

Some of our Services include:

 UV / IR Fame Dectector

Photoelectric Smoke   Dectector

Temparature Sensing Dectector

Linear Heat Dectecor

Masts and Towers

Masts and Towers are a specialized type of Structure commonly used for Telecommunications to support equipment at substantial heights. Masts / Towers are utilized to achieve the Maximum in elevation and loading at an economical cost. The addition of heavy braced sections and arm guyed wire points allow a mast or self-support tower to be engineered custom to its loading specifications. Masts and Towers fabrication and galvanizing and installation offered by Compedge Solutions Ltd are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The primed and painted steel elements and the reinforced base plates of these masts ensure stability.
telecom mast